in-house services

accurate & hassle-free utility billing

Cottonwood Residential provides its residents with easy, straightforward utility billing for our residents through Capital Utility Resources, a Cottonwood company. Our team of billing professionals ensures that each resident at applicable communities receives an all-in-one, accurate bill each month. This eliminates multiple payments to multiple utility companies. It's one more way we make our resident's lives easy and hassle-free.

access to resident indemnity program

Resident Indemnity Management, a Cottonwood company, provides a convenient renter’s indemnity program. Enrollment is easy, billing is conveniently incorporated into monthly charges, and cheerful service representatives are available to assist online or by phone.

resident indemnity

vendor management

We minimize risk to our residents and communities by using Vendor Verify, a Cottonwood company. Our team of experts ensures that every community and corporate vendor passes critical background and insurance checks. This enables our on-site teams to focus on what’s most important – creating a superior living experience for our residents.